Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't talk to me, I haven't had my coffee yet

It is Friday morning.
I am blogging about nothing and sipping coffee.
I should be working.
I have a lot to do.
It is hot.
I just want to go home and play Aion.
I watched Grandma's Boy for the first time last night. I laughed during the entire movie. I wish my office was that cool.
I have to get up early tomorrow because sister is having a community yard sale and I said I would help. I wonder if she will make me breakfast.
I am hungry.
MMMMM Coffee. Good.


Sunshine said...

Told you that you would enjoy that movie

ODD imagination said...

yep, it's Friday, I should be working, but no... I am reading your blog and drinking (could it be?) Coffee! mmmm coffee...
SNAP! I am taking your advice. I am going to snap out of it and make something - damnit - I'm gonna!
Love ya Elizabeth :o)
(how's Becky? I tried to call but went straight to voicemail).

HardtravelingHero said...