Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Basement Kitty Strikes Again!

Last week, Atlas Super Kitty knocked over his water jug spilling tons of water on the floor. Twice. He destroyed a nearly full roll of toilet paper and ate my favorite pair of summer shoes. Evil 3 - Girl 0

Yesterday evening my a/c decided to go on strike. It got up to 90 degrees inside of my apartment. I contemplated going outside to sleep in my car. At least it would have been cooler. But I stuck it out sweating in my undies with the fan blowing warm air on my back. Even at 90 degrees I must assume the fetal position. This morning maintenance came and fixed it (I hope) and said it should be cool by the time I get home from work. At least Atlas was hot too. He had to conserve his energy to cooling himself rather than terrorizing me.

I had my annual review at work and I got a small raise. Anything is better than a pink slip at this point. Also since my car is old and paid for, I down graded my insurance and should be getting a small refund. Yay monies!

This weekend begins a quest for a new pair of strapy, open-toe sandals that are both cute and comfortable and don't cost me skimping on my already skimpy grocery bill.

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