Monday, June 21, 2010

Girl v.s. Evil Basement Cat

Atlas Super Kitty has discovered he can now jump even higher than the window seals. He has made the top of the tall dresser, the top of the entertainment center and the bookcase his new play areas. What does this mean for me? It means I have to accommodate him by removing everything from the once safe areas and hide my stuff in drawers. Saturday morning I awoke to discover that he had found my ATCs that were hanging on this really cool wire frame thingy I got from Pier 1. They were out of the way minding their own business when my precious miniture peices of art were brutally attacked by a black, furry ball of evil. If I had any coordination and was not still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I might have been able to catch him and ... lets just say he would be short a few of those nine lives. Atlas has also discovered the box spring, or more importantly the space between the once intact lining and the box spring. Do you know what it is like to be startled awake by a spring going BOING! beneath your head? I am on edge over every little noise he makes. I'm afraid he is chewing and destroying stuff. I wish I can tune it out but I can't. It is a never ending battle. I have found my nemesis.


Birchbark said...

Cats are the best. I think i'll find a free kittens sign and get a couple. Should i get them declawed? Maybe that will stop the jumping somewhat... well maybe that is just mean. Hmmm i guess i don't need a cat till i figure all the angles. :)

Elizabeth said...

You should never declaw a cat. Keep claws trimmed or use caps. My little guy just needs to get his "snippy snip snip" and then he will calm down... hopefully.

oh and fyi... cats, even free ones, are expensive. My little guy was free... and cost over 700 bucks in vet bills. I've only had him for about 3 months. Just something to consider.

ODD imagination said...

I would say that it is very fitting that you found your nemesis in the cat afterall, Cat Woman was Batman's nemesis and "love". You will learn to love the little tyrant once said tyrant is an adult. :o)