Wednesday, December 10, 2008

much ado about nothing

I haven't been posting to my blog in a while. Don't really have much to write about. I'm not making anything new for my shop until after the move. All of my equipment and supplies are packed up. I'm just updating my Etsy shop with re-listing and new photos of old items. Once I get settled in the new place I will start working on something new.

Right now I'm currently obsessed with the idea of making my own soap. I've been researching methods and processes, recipes... I've even ask Santa a.k.a Dad, for some soap making supplies for Christmas to get started. I'm not sure if I will add it to my store at this point. I just want to make it for myself. Maybe have some people test it out and get their opinions.

I have to get started on my holiday baking. I usually bake a lot of cookies and give them as gifts. Maybe I'll take pictures this time and post them to my blog...

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