Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coming Soon

Handmade Stationery Writing Sheets!
I took some artist sketch paper and trimmed it down adding a torn bottom edge. Then I carefully stamped every page by hand and paired them with beautiful textured, deckle edge envelopes accented with the same theme as the sheets. Each set contains 10 sheets and 5 envelopes and comes packaged in a clear top stationery box.

Why sketch paper?

After searching and sampling paper, I found that artist quality sketch paper is the best weight and texture for holding up to all the handling it takes to create my kind of stationery. The rougher texture holds the ink from stamping, yet it is still smooth enough for writing. And it is thick enough to be cut and torn by hand without damaging the sheets, yet thin enough to be labeled fine stationery.

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moxylyn said...

Girl I love that blue bird! These are all great. The font on the caffeine one is way cool too.