Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Atlas Super Kitty has moved into his new home and is enjoying more space and all the attention lovingly lavished upon him. Last night I slept. I slept undisturbed and torment free. Atlas’ new parents on the other hand were kept up all night by his wild shenanigans. Muhahahaha!

I knew I made a mistake shortly after bringing him home. He turned my world upside down, destroyed everything, and cost me an arm and a leg in vet bills. He refused to let me sleep and haunted my dreams when I did. I am not sure that I really regret the few months we shared. I know that I saved him from an otherwise unhealthy existence and made him strong and happy, but in the long run we just were not a good match. My good friend has been in love with him since the day I got him and I would not have parted with him for anyone else. This is for the best. In a few short months my life is going to change all over again and I have no idea what is going to happen. At least I know that my baby kitty from the bowels of Hell’s basement (god I hope they don’t want to give him back!) will be well taken care of in a loving and stable environment….

sniff sniff

NO! Those are not tears! I just got something in my eye…

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Audrey said...

Kids are so much easier! :)
Glad to see you are happy and hopefully getting more sleep.