Monday, July 12, 2010

I hate you NCsoft!

On Wednesday, NCsoft is merging servers on Aion. I am more than a little upset about how they are handling the whole thing. I played the beta and paid extra for the special edition game pack that included a head start for character creation and naming. But with the merge, there is going to be a chaotic free for all renaming orgy. Basically you will have to fight it out over who gets what name. Whoever gets their renaming tickets and runs the fasted to the renaming location wins. That’s BULLSHIT! It is bad enough that NCsoft favors the opposite faction, making everything easier for them, now they are merging these heavily enemy dominated servers. So every five seconds I will be gang raped by at least 5 pigeon whores in full gold gear. Leveling is going to be even more fun now. Thank you NCsoft and Aion. (<---- me being sarcastic)

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Elizabeth said...

update: I did not renew my subscription to the game. I will be taking a long and much needed game break and reality check.

More crafting will be done. check it out at