Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chocolate anyone?

Free to a good home:
one box of half eaten chocolates. Each piece guarantied to come with a fresh bite mark. I have painstakingly took the time to uncover the mystery of each piece of chocolate so that you wont be startled or disappointed when you bite into it....

I remember when I was a child and every now and again we got a box of chocolate as a gift to the family. Russell Stover Chocolates. All of them looked so pretty tucked neatly away in their little compartments and the inside of the lid to the box was a neat little diagram that told you exactly what you were going to get. It was such a special treat.

Today, I bought myself a box of $20 chocolates. I usually do not care for chocolate but for some reason I just wanted it. This year, I am no ones Valentine so there was no use in hoping that someone would get it for me. The chocolates are by Godiva (the only thing they had in the store) and I must say that I'm not that impressed. So far I've bitten through 4 chocolates and put them back(who cares its my box right) I haven't found anything special yet. The Godiva chocolates I bought were not pretty at all and flopped around the box and there was no diagram on the inside of the lid to tell you what was what. Big disappointment.

This will be the last blog post for a few days. Tomorrow I have my tonsillectomy.


ODD imagination said...

I have to clear out my blog so I can see when my favorite people post!!! I wish we could rearrange our blog list so that our favorites were always at the top ya know?
Sorry I missed you on Sunday. I was packed and ready to go when the feathers hit the fan. :o(

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

Lazy Bone said...

Update on this post:
My dear sister bought me a box of russell stover chocolates(just like in the picture). I can't wait to fully recover from my tonsillectomy and eat them!