Thursday, September 11, 2008

need more coffee....

It is raining again.
I have been getting up early this week. I am not a morning person. I usually have a hard time getting to sleep and feeling rested. Every now and again I take some Melatonin. It gives me strange dreams but I feel like I actually slept and therefore able to wake up earlier and with greater ease. This morning I tried to go back to bed, but my tummy was grumbling so I got up and had a piece of toast.
Now I'm here at work... very bored. My boss is out of town, but hopefully will bring back some work for me. It is still quiet, but when you work in cubeville, it wont be long before it gets noisy. I sit surrounded by Chatty Cathys.(hehe) I'd rather be at home working on my October Project. A co-worker asked for a special card for his mother. I need to work on that this afternoon because he will be out of town next week.
I hope it stops raining by the afternoon.

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