Monday, August 25, 2008


My weekend was kind of blah.
I did not accomplish much of anything.
I have been feeling kind of poopy lately.

I did take out those embossed pieces of card stock and started to mess with layouts for a set of Christmas cards. I have two sets I am working on. One with 3 shades of blue and the other will be red, green, and white. They all have the same dry embossed image of Christmas ornaments. I am not sure if I will add a stamped image or phrase or just leave them plain. I would like to incorporate some glitter or something to make them sparkle a bit, but I'm not sure. An etsy group I belong to wants to do a themed color and our finished projects are due August 31st. They are going with a fall theme. I have not made anything yet and I'm not sure if I will. Most of the time when I am given instructions of what I HAVE to do, I do not want to do it. I suggested that instead of a specific theme such as fall, that we just do a color and that way we have more room to be creative. But no one cared what I had to say. I hate to say it but the more I chat with this group, the more I feel like they are not for me. It could just be the state of mind I have been in lately but most of the conversations are really not relevant to selling or marketing. I find it hard to relate to the group. Most of the chat conversations are of a personal nature and not really relevant group business. I'm still new to the whole business side of crafting and I was hoping for more general information, tips, and ideas. Instead the conversations are all about husbands and children and vacations etc.... I don't have anything to contribute to those kinds of conversations and I feel isolated and not really part of the group. I'll stick it out a while longer to see where it goes.

My sister went to DC for a conference last week. She brought me back the usual pencil I always ask for and some Tibetan Prayer flags. I've always wanted some. They are brightly colored squares of linen that has been either printed on or woven with prayers or mantras in Sanskrit. You hang them outside and the wind over time will unravel them and the prayers go out to the world. I love it. But unfortunately there is a condo association where I live that prevents you from displaying anything other that a traditional door wreath outside of your home. It is not my home anyway. I just rent a room. I brought the flags to work and hung them in my cubical. It makes me smile to see them. The colors brighten up the sterile grey of the cube. One day I will hang them outside and let my prayers fly into the wind.

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