Monday, April 26, 2010

My sister went to San Francisco and all I got was a pencil?!

Actually I got 4 new pencils to add to my pencil collection. I love them! She also brought back a local news magazine with a picture of a Drag Queen (I love Drag Queens almost as much as I love pencils) a girly comic book and a post card with two dudes kissing on some steps taken in the 70s. Although the dudes are hot, what I love about this post card is the the old couple sitting a few feet away and the could care less expression on their faces. I'm not sure if they are aware of the P.D.A (Public Display of Affection) going on behind them or not but I like to think that they know and it doesn't bother them. That maybe they are relaxing on a sunny afternoon taking in the sights and pondering where to go for lunch.

I'm really surprised at how well my new cell phone camera takes pictures!!!


HardtravelingHero said...

What's so girly about that comic?

Did you make it to Free Comic Book Day last week?

Also, I think the postcard might be anachronistic. It looks fifties, but for the credit card signs in the window... Those might not be fifties, but I get your point.

Elizabeth said...

It's about a demented little girl and her kitty... hmmm... maybe it is fitting...?

No, I didn't. But I was sure to remind some of my comic book lovin' friends. I would not have known if you didn't remind your blog readers.

Elizabeth said...
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HardtravelingHero said...

I think I've got two of those. Readers that is.

Let me know if you ever want any comics recommendations. Girly or not.