Monday, April 5, 2010

More Coffee Monday

I joined in on group meditation again last Sunday. I wasn't sure if they would be having a session considering it was Easter Sunday, but several people actually showed up. I've only been twice, but so far I enjoy it. It is a little different from the way I practice and my old sanghai, but I don't have any wierd or bad feelings about it. I think I will continue to attend.

My humble little altar. I made that little orange bowl when I lived in florida. I've been using it as an offering bowl... crap it's empty! It would be nice to say that the offerings were accepted but that would be a lie. I recently found it in a box I haven't opened since I left florida almost 3 years ago. I put it on the altar and it never even dawned on me to put anything in it. I've been a little scatter brain lately. I wonder if Buddha likes chips...? Just kidding :)

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