Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Daring Adventurous
Atlas Super Kitty
Champion of Justice

a.k.a Atlas

DoB: January 1st, 2010

Age: 10 weeks old

Origin: unknown but most likely is the spawn of an alien race of super cats or the bastard of an old mangy Tom that lives behind some smelly dumpster in Portsmouth.

Physical Description: tiny black kitten

Powers: Claws of Death, Super Pouncing, Seductive Purring

Weakness: Bath time, hair balls, catnip

Base of operations: Unknown, but it is believed there is a vortex behind the refridgerator that acts as a portal to his super secret hideout.

Atlas Super Kitty’s full time job is chasing down those unruly plastic balls, many of which are equipped with peace disturbing bells, and showing them who's boss! Atlas is skilled at scaling furniture and leaping out at criminals (specs of dust, bare feet, his own shadow…). Atlas' sworn vow is to protect his human from those pesky ZZZs that fly around when she is laying in bed. Sleeping at night is for the meek!

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