Thursday, January 14, 2010

Opps! I Bloggered!

Thanks to my parents for sending me a new camera, I can now share my lastest creations!

Introducing my new paper doll!
Becky told me that our art group was planning on making paper dolls in February. I got so excited that I made one this week. This is my Valentine themed paper doll. I call it "Discounted" The idea I was going for was a doll in a shop for sale. She is dressed in red for Valentine's Day, but she has been damaged. She has no arms and a hole where her heart should be. She has been disgarded... discounted of having value... but she still has love left to give, if only someone will have her.

I need to fix her face. My finger got stuck to it while the glue was still tacky and it peeled up the surface of her eye. I didn't intend for the smearing of her "make-up" but I like how it turned out. Like she has been crying.

I am very pleased with her and can't wait to make my next paper dolly!


Sunshine said...

I don't like the layout of your blog, it is very difficult to read

Audrey said...

Sorry - had to go back and see what Sunshine was talking about - but I'm back now :)

I actually like your layout, didn't have any trouble reading it and I need new glasses!
Love the paper doll - it's amazing!!

Lazy Bone said...

yeah I changed it to something more... blah. It's only temporary though.