Tuesday, August 25, 2009

America runs on Dunkin

I have an ear infection. Having cotton stuffed in my ear is very distracting and uncomfortable.

I stopped for a bagel and coffee at dunkin donuts this morning. I have bought DD coffee from the grocery store and brewed it myself at home and it was so gross I ended up throwing the bag out. But for some reason coffee brewed at DD is so good! They even add the perfect ratio of cream and sugar to your cup for you. MMMMM Coffeee!


Here is another Roybot card. This one is going all the way to Minnesota. One of Hero's forum buddies is recovering from serious surgery and he asked if anyone on the forum wanted to send get well cards to help cheer her up. I know its silly, but Roybot always cheers me up.

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Audrey said...

I love coffee too! I've tried Starbucks - didn't like it. We have "Tim Horton's" up here - everyone raves about their coffee - it's not to bad.

Love the card!! Will definitely make her smile.