Monday, July 13, 2009


I love pencils!

I have a nice collection of pencils that started as a joke when co-workers would go on business trips or trips in general to other states. They would bring me back a pencil (I used pencils in my previous job quite a bit). Now it is kind of my thing to collect them. This is my collection of pencils I don't use.

On my trip to Minneapolis that I just got back from, it was my turn to pick up some pencils as souvenirs for my co-workers and friends. I also picked up a few for myself. I got two giant pencils, a pencil shaped pencil case with pencils inside and a few regular pencils. I also picked up a black and white cow spotted pencil from the airport I had a 2 hour layover in Wisconsin and my Friend Becky brought back a pencil from her trip to California last week. Yay Pencils!!!

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Audrey said...

That's a lot of pencils!! I love magnets.