Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wreak This Journal

One of my sister's bought and sent the other 4 of us this book called Wreak This Journal by Keri Smith. The inside is filled with different things to write, scribble and spill on the pages. I brought mine to work with me because I get very bored when I have down time... I have a lot of down time.
So here are the first few pages. They are in order of when I "wrote" on each page, not the order of the book. I picked pages at random...
I love coffee, so naturally I had to do this page first!

I don't really use much in the way of office supplies at this job, so this page is kind of sparsely decorated.

Honestly, the first word I thought of was LOL, even though its not really a word, but I ended up writing soap instead. I guess because I am about to make my first batch of homemade soap. I still wish I went with LOL though...

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